Polygon launches Web3 phone – Nothing Phone

Polygon launches Web3 phone - Nothing Phone

Ethereum Scaling Solution – Polygon has partnered with phone maker Nothing to bring Web3 technology to mobile users. Accordingly, Polygon will launch a Nothing Phone (1) with the integration of the platform’s technology for easier access to dapps, games, payments and more on mobile devices.

Following Solana, Polygon is the next project platform to launch a groundbreaking mobile phone and help users easily access the Web3. As reported by MarginATM, Solana previously announced the Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) software initiative and Saga phone.

On July 5, Polygon also revealed plans to launch its own mobile phone. Reportedly, Polygon announced a partnership with technology startup Nothing to integrate the platform’s solutions into the project’s first smartphone, Nothing Phone (1).

Polygon launches Web3 phone - Nothing Phone

Initially, the partnership will mainly focus on the NFT segment. Specifically, the Polygon NFT will be made available to those who helped crowdfund the launch of Nothing’s, as well as those who pre-ordered the Nothing Phone (1).

In addition, Nothing’s Black Dot NFTs will offer potential benefits to owners, such as early access to products or participation in many special events. According to Polygon Deputy Director of Business Development – Arjun Kalsy, those are the first development steps of the project.

Polygon launches Web3 phone - Nothing Phone

Then the next plan is to bring the Android version of Nothing Phone (1) with easy access to apps and games on Polygon’s platform. Alongside that is the integration of payment capabilities and future features like Polygon ID, the company’s zero-knowledge proof-based identity solution.

“How do we get closer to our users? The largest distribution platform in the world is the mobile phone. Basically, now is the right time when we can bring this technology to the masses.” Mr. Kalsy shared.

Polygon launches Web3 phone - Nothing Phone

The company has attracted veteran tech innovators like iPod co-founder Tony Fadell, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman. Nothing Phone (1) launch event is expected to be held on July 12.

Furthermore, Kalsy also said that Polygon was introduced to Nothing by one of the project’s VC backers after announcing a $450 million funding round last February. He shared that Nothing’s development has surprised him with its extensive knowledge in the Web3 field and groundbreaking plans for this space.

“From the first conversation, I felt that these are people with broad knowledge of the Web3. They understood how Web3 works, and it was a magical moment for me. I really want to work with these people.”

According to Kalsy, Polygon and Nothing has spent the past four to five months developing the partnership, discussing issues such as how they want users to be able to exploit Polygon decentralized applications and games (dapps). & mobile game, how the project can develop in given time.

“If you look at any Android or Apple version phone, you have to sign in with your Google ID or Apple ID. So, to some extent, Apple or Google can own their customers, right? So where will the value come from? In a decentralized world, we need to help users regain control,” Mr. Kalsy emphasized on Polygon’s product development direction.

However, he did not share further details on how Polygon’s Web3 integration will work on Nothing Phone (1) ahead of the device’s launch event. In particular, the company seems to have a similar goal to Solana’s SMS initiative to make it simpler and easier to access Web3 on smartphones. At the same time it helps bring crypto and NFT to a wider audience.

But in reality, there’s one key difference: Solana is making its own smartphones in partnership with OSOM Products, a startup from former Essential Phone R&D head Jason Keats . Meanwhile, Nothing’s phone will feature Polygon technology, but it won’t be the trademark “Polygon Phone” like Solana’s Saga.

Kalsy said Polygon prefers to work with a company that specializes in making phones and let each company in the alliance focus on its own expertise.

“Can we make a cell phone? I’m sure we can. But can we make the best mobile phone in the world? No. That’s something that Carl [Pei] and HTC, as well as Samsung, LG or Apple have taken over first.”

Because Polygon is a decentralized blockchain platform instead of a proprietary technology product production platform. As such, other companies can integrate Polygon support into their devices, as HTC will do with the recently announced “metaverse phone” Desire 22 Pro, which also supports the Ethereum network. However, Kalsy says that the partnership will help Nothing benefit from the knowledge and experience of the Polygon development team.

Like Solana with its mobile push, Polygon sees the market for this product as the key to attracting a large number of potential future users into the crypto world. Polygon’s technology allows for faster and cheaper transactions than on the Ethereum mainnet.

“I believe that is one of the most important things a project can do. “You solved the problem of scalability with things like that. And now you can take this technology to mobile and start introducing the next hundreds of millions of users to Web3.” Kalsy affirms her beliefs.

In the midst of a downturn in the cryptocurrency market, prominent projects such as Solana and Polygon have launched their breakthrough and novel development strategy with the production of smartphones. Those are products integrated with blockchain technology to help users get closer to the Web3 world. At the same time, this also promotes the enhancement of user decentralization in the cryptocurrency industry. Perhaps these are progressive steps to help the above projects achieve more and more impressive milestones with their set goals.

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